VisualVTrader, The people behind the scene


Leroy has been programming for 35 years.   He has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and has programmed in many different languages for several corporations and been a contract programmer for many of those years.   He has been the software architect for multiple companies, owned his own company and now trades and writes software for a living, but on his own terms.  He has been trading for 20+ years and has spent many thousands of dollars in education on the art of trading.

Leroy says, "Every trader should read Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas.  When you read it, if you have traded and not been successful, you will recognize that Mark is writing about YOU."  Leroy says a lot of other things too, but you really need to get to know him before you hear those things. :)


My partner and good friend passed away after complications due to a medical procedure. He will be greatly missed.